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Jessica Sky will help you style luxury clothes in the best way possible! 

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 If you feel like supporting the environment and making conscious choices, Leah is the stylist for you. She is against fast fashion which is demonstrated by her slow fashion activism! 

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Bettina Looney will build you a stylish, bright and affordable fall wardrobe! While her fashion vision may look complicated, she will teach you how to include the most artsy and extraordinary pieces in a business meeting outfit. And if you are tired of shopping at the usual mass markets and looking like everybody else-call Bettina for your personal styling upgrade!

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The Milky Moon Lab is an account that does not just provide insights on astrology, but also on the way the moon affects us at different specific certain phases. We suggest exploring what your sign has in mind for you before the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse.

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Claire Rose is all about casual and comfortable clothes. Living in a busy city like New York, Claire still manages to take care of herself and effortlessly help others.

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@wardrobeicons will guide you through the most fashionable and trendy items for this fall-winter period! If you are fashion victim, and have always been inspired by looking “up-to-season”, this page will help you. On top of everything, there is an analysis of the most stylish accessories, watches, sunglasses, and shoes for each upcoming season. Weekly, there is a rubric called “icon of the week” which is an attire item that is popular during that particular week. It can be fun to check out, maybe you already have some of those clothes? We all know that fashion comes back! The owner of the page happens to be @tessyopp, who is obviously a very artsy stylist. If you have never dressed “out of the box”, maybe it’s time to spice things up and become more creative! And remember: you do not need to break up with your boyfriend or get fired from your job to start changing the way you dress, look and feel!

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While helping intelligent women achieve their business goals and ultimate success, @karenkissanecoaching hosts a private Facebook group to teach women to take responsibility and action when required. By getting access to various business stories and obstacles, you may find a solution for your own business or at least, get a powerful motivation boost.

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