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Coaches, mentors and inspiring businesswomen to follow right now!

Women have always been sticking together throughout the difficult times of gender inequality, sexism and female marginalisation. Fortunately, if you are an urban woman of the 21st century, you are lucky enough to witness the social improvements of our society. However, women still support each other and girl power has never been stronger! If you are looking for a female advise, a source of motivation or a female business tip-go ahead and check out our selection of the most inspiring women of today!

  • Founder of Girlboss and Nastygal, @sophiaamoruso features motivational business quotes on her account. Focusing on the Millennial women’s success, Sophia gives advice on the Coronavirus outbreak and how to manage your budget better. She also emphasises the qualities of a decent businesswoman-passionate, risk-taking, and quick!

  • While helping intelligent women achieve their business goals and ultimate success, @karenkissanecoaching hosts a private Facebook group to teach women to take responsibility and action when required. By getting access to various business stories and obstacles, you may find a solution for your own business or at least, get a powerful motivation boost.

  • As online content is thriving in the digital age, it is crucial to get some social media advice from @jasminestar. She focuses on all online channels and platforms, in particular, on social media growth. On her website she explains how to gain access to an exclusive audio course on “how to turn followers into customers”! Give it a try, maybe you will then wish to complete the full course.

  • During the uncertain times of the pandemic outbreak, business help is so important. Offering the safest, contactless solution for an online business support, @neshawoolery organises your strategies, prepares you for all the possible risks and helps you avoid failures. You can always listen to her free podcast “The Simple Business Show” before setting up and individual consultation.

  • Focusing on brand awareness and income stabilisation, @alyssanobriga motivates coaches and businesswomen to invest time and energy into their company in a smarter, more efficient way. As a coach, she encourages to meditate, employ daily mindset tools, and finally reach your income goals via inner peace and determination.

  • Strongly believing in female success, @iamnatalie shares tips on how to stay motivated and productive on a daily basis. You can also receive a free guided meditation set, a training, or simply complete a love quiz to discover the reason why you are attracted to a particular type of people.

  • And lastly, if you are solely looking for a positive quote at the end of your difficult busy day, @femaleentrepreneurassociation is an account to follow! Even the most successful and powerful businesswomen need a little appreciation and a little advice at times :)

Running a business is challenging, but luckily, there are some efficient and helpful sources that will guide you and save you from an upcoming failure. We highly hope this selection helps you and motivates you to become even more successful, fierce and completely unstoppable!


Dazl Club xx

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