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Embodiment is life-changing! Don't believe us? Try it!

Updated: Oct 23, 2020

Embodiment is a cognition process that unravels personal human needs through the senses of the body. Ann Saffi Biasetti, a professor with a Ph.D. in psychotherapy explains this process through childbirth and child development. When a newborn joins the world, he speaks no language and belongs to no culture. Under the influence of his senses such as famine and dehydration he is able to communicate his cravings through his body language (crying, shrieking). A baby also knows when he is full, so he takes no more food in his mouth. And he knows exactly what he wants and how much only by testing it out on his senses. 

"Therefore, we are born as embodied creatures however, once our higher brain develops we move away from our embodied, sensory knowledge as guide, and instead rely just on our minds ideas to make our way through the world". 

In the process of healing any mental diseases, the mind does not play a very beneficial role. Why? To the human brain, negative self-talk is far more familiar than self-empowerment, self- motivation, and self-appraisal. Since humans tend to develop their intellectual functions in the process of physical growth, rational thinking outcompetes the real physical needs that can be communicated via the practice of embodiment.

The body can practically demonstrate awareness, attention, intention, posture, movement, and breathing. It's the only way we feel, the only way we are. If we keep this concept in mind, we start being aware of the way our body reacts to situations and what it is connected to (e.x our past situations, genetics, common body language and etc).

Embodiment can be uncovered through the concept of layers. First is a situational context which is exactly what you are doing right now (sitting, standing, reading) and many other people are doing the same thing at the moment. Then, there is a relational context, which signifies that the way you do things and react is different fro the people around you, but your views on certain situations may be similar. Then, of course, this is influenced by the personal context or how your personality is and what traits make you unique. It is a dispositional act that connects to the set of patterns that our embodiment leads us to be a particular kind of person. This is then influenced by culture, the origins that show up once you travel abroad, and truly see your difference. However, the universal, or the last layer of embodiment suggests that we are all human. 

Mark Walsh's channel explains what embodiment is and how it can be connected to daily practices such as yoga. For example, Mark says that body practices and mindfulness can be used in a cycle of awareness and every movement can unravel answers about us, our characters, and current feelings. It is sort of a therapy session, during which your body is communicating the problems and uneasy feelings rather than your voice and mind.

So again, just to make sure, not every yoga practice can lead to the process of embodiment. Most yoga channels out there focus on becoming more flexible, fit, and recreating very difficult poses. However, embodiment yoga would encourage you to recreate certain poses that reflect your life position (being an authority figure) and understand your inner feelings, how you do it and why, and how to work on this part of your personality. A good example of such a yoga pose is the warrior one and two poses. 

And here is of course, our selection of creators that will help you become more aware through embodiment:

  • @gabriellaespinosa will teach you how to pay attention to yourself, to your movement and nutrition. You will also understand your hormonal health way better, which will guide you to becoming in charge of your being on a whole new level.

  • @thesensualyoga is a yoga and movement channel that will allow you to unravel your sexy feminine energy through your body.

  • @eleanorhadley is against traditional yoga and believes that sensual yoga makes a bigger difference to your mind and soul.

  • Apart from Mark Walsh's embodiment channel, there is also this YouTube blog that will actually guide you through the embodiment poses and help you recreate a new state of physical being in your mind.

  • @iamtaniahart is a writer and spiritual embodiment coach that doesn't exactly teach any postures, but encourages you to connect with your body through her beautifully written embodiment and wellness quotes.

  • @tinaclarkeinspiredwellbeing is another coach that navigates the body through wellness and self empowerment. Her approach is not difficult to follow, in fact, she teaches to explore embodiment at every stage of your life.

  • @upanddownworksho if embodiment helps you become more self aware and calm your nerves, this channel is for you. You can access a group therapy online and sign up for your first guides embodiment session!


DC xx

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