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For your conscious mind and soul!

If you are feeling sympathetically towards the environment, your carbon footprint and ethics, it is time to get some professional guidance. Powered by our neuromarketing influence agency Dazl Media, we are glad to help you change your ethical actions and better society together by offering a list of ethically conscious influencers below. Enjoy!

@michelleforgood is a conscious mother and a consumer of sustainable fashion. By following her, you will set a great example for your kids and make more ethical clothing brand choices in the long term.

@shannydoots is all about ethical clothing for plus-sized women. While finding sustainable and comparatively responsible brands may be a challenge, finding plus-sized conscious clothing is almost impossible. Luckily, Shannon will guide you through the world of fashion to help you contribute to the environment in your natural form.

@beatriceturner promotes Brazilian ethical fashion, conscious lifestyle and mindful travel. Her policy protects third country employee benefits, child labor and ethical responsibility in all business matters. During the pandemic outbreak, she also suggests limiting online shopping as the supply chain workers are getting exposed to the virus while delivering your garments. Follow her for more conscious advice! will help you build you business and marketing strategies in a more successful sustainable way. Her main marketing objective is always environmentally friendly and conscious.

@candicemtay does not only recognise sustainable fashion, but obtains a very sustainable lifestyle. She recycles all the time, and gives great advice on how to keep it simple but smart when it comes to ethical lifestyle choices.

@unmaterialgirl is an eco stylist. If you are starting to fill your wardrobe from scratch, she is the person to follow. She is against fast fashion which is demonstrated by her slow fashion activism.

@theflippside is all about clean beauty, slow fashion and sustainable lifestyle. She also supports female rights, job equality and racism protests. Make sure to give her a follow and let her enlighten you!

@ethicalunicorn discusses the most important issues of our society at the moment, such as racism and gender inequality. She supports the world and wants to make it a better place for everybody.

@tahira_makeup is a marvellous make up artist and a CO-Founder of @consciousbeautyunion. By following her sustainable beauty channel, you will understand how sustainable beauty ingredients can even benefit your skin, and of course, the environment. Check her out!

@earthlinged unravels the most important subjects of justice, compassion and equality. On his YouTube channel, podcasts, and TEDx talks he also explores the impact of meat consumption, encouraging a healthier more conscious lifestyle. Check him out and get inspired!


Dazl Club x

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