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Home stylists to follow right now!

Feeling extremely down lately? No idea how to make your days more special and joyful? We understand you completely! With the lockdown continuing, it is less possible to go out, get in the festive Christmas mood or simply see your friends. A lot of us want to start selecting Christmas trees and decorations, drink mulled wine at Christmas markets and just feel normal. However, as it is still not possible, we can cheer you up with something super creative and maybe must-needed! Check out the list of home stylists that we have collected for you, in order to get the latest, most modern house decorations for your home to prepare it for the busy holiday season! A little bit of magic and transformation may be great for you and for your overall mood, why not try it?

  • @allchloehome is an account owned by @allchloerose, who has studied interior design at university. She shares her most elegant and minimalistic home updates. All her furniture and decorations are very affordable, she always links them and even gives her own advice on what's best to purchase at the moment!

  • is a family home page where the owners share their house transformation! Also, they often do great giveaways since they partner up with a lot of homeware and home styling brands! Whether you are moving into a new home, or want to bring in a new life to yours, this is a great account for style and design inspiration.

  • @freyafarringtonhome Freya is also a big fan of natural minimalistic homes! However, she also suggests the most needed and creative kitchen gadgets as well as any type of useful furniture to fill in an empty space in your house. Again, if you are moving into a new space, just like Freya, it could be a great way for you to connect with someone who's facing the same obstacles as you and get some advice.

  • @homebylaura also has a neutral approach, however, she is already thinking of all the Christmas decorations and how to make the house look more festive and fun! Also, if you keep her in mind, she will always support you with all types of holiday decorations: Halloween, Birthday and etc! You can use her code to shop her stylish furniture and utensils with a discount :)

  • @nofeaturewalls if you are looking for a more stylish, vintage approach, here is the account you need to follow! Her wallpapers can be bought as original designs on her website, so if you'd like to spice up a wall or a corner of your house-this is a great idea!

  • If you are looking for a super cozy design idea, here's what Paula has got for you! @hillhousevintage while designing modern and classy aesthetics, she always adds a unique touch to her work! Also, if you are not willing to redecorate your primary home, she can always advice to retouch your cottage or garden r in a sophisticated British way!

Hope you enjoy,

DC ❤️

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