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Life changing art house films

If you have already seen the entire Netflix selection, it is time to watch something more personal and extravagant. Art house films are created for a niche audience due to their dramatic, thrilling, sometimes serious and independent plot. And if you can guess, such movies are not easy to find and to fit a particular taste. That is why the Dazl Club has collected all the various types of art house films for you to check out.

A British film that arises self-awareness, as a young school girl falls in love with an older heroin addict. The destructive scenario is based on addiction, devastation and codependency. In a typical life, such a plot could be real as both children and adults are prone to making mistakes and taking the wrong path, after which the consequences may be inevitably horrifying.

If you are a more romantic, sensitive and bold film watcher, this gothic historical French documentary will change your life. An intense drama of the 18th century is breathtaking and truly romantic with a touch of a modern soul.

A South Korean Golden Globe winner features a financially suffering family of scammers. Of course, the main subject is economic inequality and theft which keeps the audience nervous throughout the whole film. There is nothing like Parasite out there, and in many ways, this film is life-changing.

The surface of the film is a Chilean utopian teen love triangle; however, it is one of those movies that contains a deeper unfolded message. Hypnotic theories, the essence of childhood memories and dreamlike aesthetics are the explanation of the scenes of the 1990’s. It is emotional, dramatic but intelligent and affective at the same time.

5. Maya

Maya is not a typical French film. By escaping their typical environments and comfort zones, the main characters try to understand each other’s views, beliefs and illnesses. Some of them find love, some of them realize they cannot escape from themselves no matter where they go, and some of them simply lose hope.

Ethnical and tribal family conflicts arise due to the paradigm laws. However, this does not prevent the main characters from sustaining a secretive trading of marijuana to American clients. Rich in costumes and textiles, rituals, unity and serenity of the Wayuu tribe, this movie enlightens your view on the ancient Colombian traditions.

A Swedish-Georgian drama that focuses on cultural conservatism. The film portrays beautiful dancing, rebellious sparks and unconditional love affairs. This movie will change your world-view in many ways and help you explore the conflicts that arise in foreign cultures.

We hope you enjoy our selection,


Dazl Club xx

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