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New Year movies for your pre-holiday night!

Already imagining what your New Years night will look like? Thinking of all the possible goals you will be achieving in the New Year? Then why wait?

Dazl Club has collected a selection of holiday movies to watch before to to continue celebrating! Come on, grab a cup of hot chocolate, get comfy under a blanket and play one of these!

Home alone a classical comedy that has been probably put-on repeat in every English-speaking household religiously annually. However, you do not image your holidays without it, so why repel it? It’s funny, a little bit adventurous and definitely exciting!

Holidate is a new comedy that has been released in October 2020 just on time for the holiday season! The main actress is Emma Roberts, a gorgeous young woman who also happens to be Julia Roberts’ niece. There is quiet a similarity! The comedy is funny, sweet and very festive!

A Christmas Story is all about finding and dreaming about your ideal holiday gift scenario! Then, of course, a couple of circumstances prevent the pursue of the perfect present, but at the end, everyone is still happy! It is an easy, light, warm film!

The Christmas Chronicles is a movie for a real holiday adventure. You will be able to see what the Santa Claus village looks like and how all things Christmassy operate in there. It is a great movie for a children’s night; however, the whole family would love to get cozy around it. It is one of those movies that may be meant for children due to a fantasy touch, but it still addresses adulthood issues.

Last Christmas is a holiday love story that’s truly magical and pure! If you love to watch love comedies, this movie will bring you joy and maybe even some festive sentimentality. Get warm with your partner and enjoy this beautiful film.

It's a Wonderful Life is a very old, but charming movie. It will make you question everything that happens in your life and try to look positively at all the aspects that have caused problems or inconveniences before. What a beautiful way to evaluate your pa

Love actually is a romantic comedy that portrays many various scenarios of people’s lives that risk to take crazy romantic decisions around New Years time because we only live once! Check it out, maybe it will inspire you too!

The Family Stone portrays a typical family holiday dinner where all members bicker with each other at some point as they are not used to be altogether under the same roof anymore.How lovely! And actually, super common… If you are looking for a good laugh, it’s the movie for you!

Bridget Jones’s Diary is a British comedy about a fearless woman who doesn’t give up because of men! In fact, she brings in joy and holiday spirit into the movie and makes it even more festive. Check it out for a lovely pre New Years evening evening.


Dazl Club

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