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Podcast Newbie? Or Podcast Aficionado? Here's the DAZL Podcast Essentials.

Sometimes reading can be time-consuming, and of course, it’s impossible to multitask with a book in your hands. Dazl Club has a solution for you-find our selection of the most interesting, informative, and useful podcasts for all the topics of your interest! They are all free, fast to download and listen to on the go. Enjoy!

In order to understand your romantic and social relationships, or to unravel the most intimate subjects of your interest, we recommend Esther Perel's podcast. You will start analysing various situations, interpreting them at different angles, and consequently improve the quality of all your interactions, connections and communications.

  • At Dazl Club, we are not always fond of covering confidential topics, but we also realise how important it is to keep an eye on your emotional, physical and sexual health. For this reason, we recommend this dialogue hosted by Mika Simmons that discusses female sexual education and experience that should be spoken about more often. However, this podcast is not just for women, it can also serve as a great piece of advice for men.

  • Culture call is a “behind-the-scenes” podcast of Life & Arts journalism. Shamelessly and openly, celebrities and important society figures answer interview questions every two weeks. You will learn about the cultural shifts during the pandemic and how society is responding to the changes.

  • A piece of work is a fun podcast that unravels the meaning of art and everything artsy people have been questioning history and science about. Even if you have never been too interested in art, this channel may improve your understanding and help you develop a new hobby!

  • Stuff you missed in history class is a profound tool that catches you up on all the important events that had happened in the past. It is extremely informative and interesting. All the information is also delivered in the most fun and successful way!

  • Keep it is all about cultural and political events that are currently affecting the world. If you find yourself lost in all the historical and political movements that are now affecting your county or are talked about on the news, it’s time to educate yourself.

  • Black girls one rose discusses the current issues of racism and sexism, criticizing the cultural landscape of America. Based on the Bachelor, this podcast discusses the TV show under a new perspective. It’s fun, educating, sarcastic, and edgy!

  • Forever35 is all about meal planning, yoga, good quality makeup suggestions, wellbeing, and the importance of physical and mental health. This podcast is one of the most changing lifestyle platforms Dazl Club can recommend! We adore the narration and sincerely hope that you find it useful as well.


Dazl Club xx

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