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Top nutritionists and dieticians to help you improve your eating habits

During quarantine, it seems natural to get wrapped in your comfort zone cocoon and put on pause all of your healthy habits. That is totally normal - a change in lifestyle induces a change in behavior. However, by staying indoors we miss out on the essential immune boosters - the precious sunshine and the fresh air. The body then needs better support from the inside - the right vitamin and nutrient intake. Good news is, you can start doing that today by simply following some of the top-notch nutrition and dietary specialists we’ve listed below!

1. McKel Kooienga

McKel is a truly inspiring plant-based nutritionist that promotes putting health first as a daily practice. She shows you the beauty of cooking and shares easy and useful tips. McKel believes that taking care of your health should not be an obligation, but a matter of satisfaction and enjoyment. 

2. Dr. Megan Rossi

Dr. Megan Rossi knows everything about how to keep your gut flora happy. We do not often think about whether there is a sufficient amount of beneficial bacteria in our digestive system. Dr. Megan Rossi shares loads of useful information about gut health, proteins, fats and fibre. On top of that, she will help you select the best gut-friendly foods based on her medical background.

3. Ella Mills

Ella Mills is a founder of the Deliciously Ella plant-based cafes in the heart of London, which you can enjoy once the quarantine is over. For now, she shares marvellously healthy recipes in her instagram feed, books and podcasts. She also sells her own snacks that can become an upgrade from your less healthy snack options for when you are enjoying a movie night!

4. Amelia Freer

Amelia Freer is a nutritional therapist and author. She cooks healthy meals and shares the recipes right in her feed, so many of which look incredibly delicious! She also encourages sustainability in all its forms; so if eating less meat makes a good impact, she has a nutritious and flavour-rich plant-based alternative.

5. Jenna Hope

Jenna Hope is always featured in the Women’s Health Mag for sharing

useful information about dieting and detoxing. Jenna has contributed to so many articles dedicated to those topics, she is valued for her professionalism and wide knowledge on female health. On her Instagram feed you can find tons of healthy and yummy recipes that are all based on her expertise in dieting and nutrition.

6. May Simpkin

May Simpkin is a nutritionist that has some Yoga and Pilates techniques to share with you as a bonus! She talks you through the benefits of fruits and vegetables, porridge and fish. She explains why it’s okay to eat bread, why our body needs the good fats like nuts and carbs like bananas. May will not make you cut off the foods you love but she will teach you to enjoy them in a smarter way. 

7. Luce Hosier

Luce Hoiser will make you want to try out all of the recipes on her feed. All the dishes look delicious, and are also healthy and vegan. As a young urban woman, Luce understands the difficulty in making time for everything - business, family, cooking and housekeeping, which is why her recipes are also quick and easy to follow.

Remember, nutrition is a fundamental for wellbeing - it ensures healthy regulation of body functions, nourishes the immune system, helps to maintain mental health and good physique. If you want to show some love to your body, check out the yoga sources we have listed for you in our earlier article. 

With care,

Dazl Club x

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