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Working out at home edition – get fit with Dazl!

Since the pandemic is still going on, many nations have decided to close the boarders and impose a new quarantine. It is a smart idea to let everyone relax and stay safe right before the Christmas holidays.

But maybe you are wondering: “ If I stay inside all day every day face-to-face with my fridge, how can I get toned up before my whole family sees me for the holidays?”

The answer is very simple!

We have collected 7 inspiring fitness coaches for you that will easily help you work out at home and get fit!

@melissawoodhealth even though Melissa sells full fitness and yoga courses online, you can still find a lot of small exercises, full body Pilates, cardio and stretching to do at home right on her Instagram page! She sometimes includes her kids in her workouts, so if you do not know how to entertain your little ones, it could be a great alternative to cartoon watching!

@catmeffan also features many effective full body workouts on her page! Specializing in yoga and Pilates, she knows exactly what your tired muscles and joints need after staying inside at your computer desk all day! Give it a try and watch your body feeling more tones and flowy after one week already!

@ivfitness if your goal is to lose weight in a healthy way, you can start by checking out Idalis’ feed. She is a powerful woman, a mother, a coach and just an interesting person who can inspire you to start your fitness journey. Step by step, following her routine and workouts, you will be seeing a great result.

@tanyapoppett can fix you a 15 minute ab, shoulders, neck or legs workout if you just click on her page! She also has several tasty nutritious solutions for all your favorite snacks and sweets, in case you’d like to change up your diet as well.

@shonda will use the most common kitchen and homeware utilities to spice up your workout and to make you gain a bit of muscles as well. So even if you do not have weights, a fitness ball or any fancy workout machines, you can still make your body work and sweat! And it will of course bring marvelous results and leave your family in awe at the family Christmas dinner!

@kayla_itsines believes that building strength and resistance does not always require large weights and going to the gym. She will teach you how to work your own body weight with absolutely no equipment. The progress that she shares on her page is insane, and you should definitely try all her short workouts if you do not have much time for exercise during the day. She also thinks that working every day is not necessary, as your body must rest. Therefore, if you are looking for a routine, for a fast but stable change – these home workouts are for you!

We wish you good luck as we are well aware of how hard it can be to work on yourself daily for a better life and health. But at the end of the day, you are the biggest and most important project of your life, so take care of yourself, please yourself, and love yourself.


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